Audit Readiness

ALW Accounting & Consulting prides itself on making sure there are no surprises for your financial year-end. With the right organization and preparation, you can avoid disarray, dysfunction and confusion in the finance department and meet deadlines without hassle. And even if you do have a surprise at year-end, we can help you get on track where you need to be to have a successful audit. We know what auditors need and speak their language—our team can both prepare you for your audit and be the point of contact for your auditors. The ALW team offers monthly consulting and bookkeeping and if you do not have the right person in place, we can also step into that role seamlessly to make sure your business or non-profit organization is prepared.

Services Offered:

  • Analyze and improve annual closing process to reduce audit preparation time
  • Identify and remediate internal control matters and research GAAP issues
  • Prepare complete and accurate draft of financial statements and footnotes


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